Safety Budgets Might Threaten Classic Car Insurance

The cut in safety budget of the road might make the road unsafe for driving and the chances of accidents will increase further. Certain councils have reduced the road safety expenditure to 80% which include removal of lollipop men and women and turning off of speed cameras.

The car drivers will drive more rashly in the absence of any speed camera and further the absence of lollipop men and women will risk the life of trespassers.

The Parliamentary Advisory Councils for Transport Safety and the RAC Foundation formed the report on deducing the road safety budget. The country has already seen lowering of road death rate in past years but further causality reduction is not guaranteed so the councils are reducing the road safety budget.

In 2009, the numbers of people died on UK roads were 2000 and the people died in first three quarters of 2010 due to road accident are less than 2000. Despite of the reduction in accidents, the classic car insurance premium is still rising and further decrease in road safety budget will increase the traffic causalities again.

The hazardous motorists will make the road unsafe and the policyholders might meet with an accident. This will lead to the rise in the classic car insurance premium as with every accident and damage, the car owner might have to face the rise in insurance premium.

In the absence of speed camera the young drivers will drive unsafe and their inexperienced driving will lead to road causalities. The rising risk on road will make the road unsafe for even experience drivers and they might have to pay for the damage caused by the risky drivers.

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