Cheap Antique and Classic Car Insurance

The amazing features of the classic cars set them apart from the other vehicles in the world. However, the attention grabbing things attract not only appreciation but also vandals and thieves.

The cost and risk behind the classic cars make many big insurance companies reject the insurance plea with them, but this has not discouraged the classic car owners from driving their loved car. You might need to research a bit and spend some good time to get classic car insurance. If you are searching the most reasonable one, though it will need a lot of research but you will get the right kind of reasonable insurance cover for your classic car.

You can get classic car insurance from either the antique car insurers or get specialised insurance from regular large automobile companies. It is better to shop around before finalising the deal, as different insurance provider will offer varied cost options associated with classic car insurance. The traditional car insurance companies insure the value of car at its price of replacement minus depreciation with time. In case of classic car insurance, the total value of the car is insured along with its appreciation value with time.

The classic car insurance premiums are usually smaller than the one you pay for traditional car insurance. To get the classic car insurance you need to fulfil the requirements of the insurance company like driver age limit. The driver with adequate driving experience is given the insurance for classic car, as the chances of any mishap are less with them. Even the car needed to be at least 15 years old to get in the category of classic car insurance.

In classic car insurance, the agreement of vehicle value is made between the car owner and the insurance provider. In case of any emergency or serious event like accident with total loss or theft, you get full value of car from the insurer.


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I am a full time insurance underwriter with a love for writing. I work in the UK at a classic car insurance company. My other hobbies are going to the gym and aerobics (when I am not looking after my 3 year old daughter Jessie.
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