Looking Out for Ways to Store a Classic Car

If you own a classic car, it requires extra care and maintenance as compared to standard cars owing to its delicate nature. Damage to a classic vehicle can occur in many ways, such as rusting of metal, short circuit of wiring, cracking of fibreglass and lifeless battery. So, it is important to store the classic or collector car properly to increase its shine and look for long.

Here are some useful tips that will help you in storing a classic car perfectly:

Wash your car with all its body parts and give a good wax. Rubber and the vacuum should be greased properly.

You should drain the fluid even when the car is warm. When your classic car is heated and circulating, try to emulsify chemical contaminants. Be careful before touching the engine as hot engine oil can burn terribly.

If your collector car has lube fittings, try to fill the common joints with fresh grease. You should also grease the steering and suspension fittings with fresh grease.

Drain the cooling of your collector car properly and keep the petcock open and the radiator cap close so the air can move easily. Try to drain the heater hoses too.

If your collector is not in use, try to remove the battery of your car to increase the enduring capacity of battery. Wash the battery with water and baking soda and it is advisable that a battery should be stored in a dry place.

You should depress the clutch and lock it in a proper position. Some time clutch plates stick together in storage.If you are going to cover your car in winters, it is essential to roll down the windows for air circulation. Place some open boxes of baking soda in different places of the car to soak up the moisture.

Ensuring the proper condition of the classic vehicle will allow you to get classic car insurance at best prices. Classic car insurance companies provide best deals to the cars with maintained with high quality.


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