Classic Car Insurance Is No Ball Game!

Nowadays, getting your hands on that cheap classic car insurance is nothing short of a cakewalk. The multitude of car insurance comparison websites that have sprung up ensures that one finds the best deal possible. There’s an air of impartiality and consideration to your needs, and based on the availability, you can come to an informed decision. Two and two.

However, there have been numerous reports over time that classic car owners face a certain bias when they go to insure their precious vintage models. Most of them need to find a specialist broker to help them get a tailored deal for their particular vehicle. This only adds to the cost, but there are several other obstacles that hinder a classic car owner from bagging an economical insurance cover. Most of the regular sites (barring certain specialists) don’t want to have any truck with classic cars, since they aren’t mainstream enough for their liking. Others remain nonplussed about how to charge for the car insurance in the first place.

This is why it’s always good to have a specialist site like , since it’s main area of expertise is classic cars, thereby guaranteeing cheaper rates to applicants. Since the annual mileage of a classic car is much lower than that of a regular car, the insurance premium is substantially toned down. Most classic car owners generally drive their cars on special occasions and they are legendary for keeping their vehicles in mint condition.

Another factor to be considered is that classic cars are a lot cheaper than a standard car. Granted, some of the car parts may come expensive due to lack of availability, but the overall cost of upkeep is much lesser than owning, say, a BMW.

Although some mainstream insurers do include a section on classic cars, they usually pass on these leads to a specialist company, add their own subsidy and overcharge the owner in the process. A specialist site such as will ensure that you stand to benefit from the bare minimum in car insurance premium and receive a royal treatment for your vintage vehicle.

Also, getting a quote from an online company like saves you from the trip of actually going down to the office, filling up the forms and going through the proverbial mill of necessary formalities. Even the issue of a renewal letter is done away with, which makes the entire process a sit-at-home affair for the owner.

Without the haranguing trips, the added expenses of a commission fee and a specialist overseeing your classic car, you can rest easy knowing that, with, your vintage is in good hands!



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I am a full time insurance underwriter with a love for writing. I work in the UK at a classic car insurance company. My other hobbies are going to the gym and aerobics (when I am not looking after my 3 year old daughter Jessie.
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