Classic Ford Car Stars In Hollywood Movie

When Alan Davis, who is a classic car enthusiast, decided to advertise one of his favourite cars for sale there was absolutely no way he thought it could star in a Hollywood movie.

Mr Davis has been an enthusiast of Ford Escorts for many years. However, he needed to create more space on his drive so decided to sell a 1970 Ford Escort so placed an advertisement in Classic Car magazine.

Mr Davis, who is 57 years of age, had restored the car which was done out in rally livery.

Having placed the advertisement a man from Shepperton Studios contacted him and subsequently viewed the classic car. He was then informed that his car was to be used in The Fast and The Furious movie series with the sixth film due out next year.

Mr Davis, who lives in Barrow, stated: “When I got the call, I thought it was a bit of a wind up.

“A bloke came up from London who works for Shepperton Studios.

“He had a look at the car and I asked him what he was interested in it for, he told it was for a new The Fast and the Furious film they are making.

“He said part of the plot involves classic cars and there’s scenes in London, in Spain and other parts of Europe.

“I spent three years working on this car but they said they will use cheaper cars, spray them up to look like the others and then use these for stunts.

“After the film the cars go into a museum.”

The series of movies are about a number of street racers who tangle with the law.

Mr Davis rallied Ford Escorts during the 70’s and 80’s but, as a result of visiting a car show about five years ago, he fell in love with the marque.

Although he is not a particular fan of the movie series he added: “I’m quite pleased that somebody bought it who will look after it.

“You put so much time into building the cars and it is really hard to find the parts.”

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