Why Did You Buy Your Classic Car?

It would be interesting to find out just why people make that all important decision to purchase a classic car so your feedback would be most welcome.

Whilst we appreciate that those people owning classic cars costing millions of pounds are probably in the minority it would be interesting to find out whether the majority bought them to drive around in on a regular basis or merely as a collectors item hidden away from the public eye. Whilst we appreciate that what someone does with the vehicle is up to them, it seems such a shame that some quality classic cars are bought by collectors and will never be seen again by the public.

Classic cars are bought for a variety of reasons

Don’t you just love classic car shows

Of course they could also have bought them purely as a long-term investment as classic cars have certainly appreciated in value in recent years. In fact, of late, classic cars have risen in value by more than house prices, the stock market and gold prices.

There are also those that buy a classic car as a wreck and spend months if not years in restoring the vehicle. Some will then regularly take the car out of the garage and drive it on the public road network. There will be many that take them to classic car shows to be displayed to attendees and there are those that love to take them on the racetrack to be driven in racing competitions. Are these the real classic car enthusiasts?

Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion but would you rather not be able to see these vehicles periodically? Yes, you can go along to a classic car museum to observe some beautiful classic cars but is there not something rather special about going along to an open-air classic car show to witness a whole range of such cars that have been lovingly restored by their proud owners?

We think so but what is your opinion?

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