Morris Minor Sells For £17,000

The Morris Minor is a delightful classic car that is full of character. Its saloon shape is unmistakable and it is loved by many. It was often seen out on the roads 40 to 50 years ago especially on a Sunday afternoon as families would pack a picnic basket and venture out into the countryside. During the week, it would be used to drive to work.

A Morris Minor went under the hammer at auction for £17,000.

A Morris Minor 1000 similar to this one was sold at auction for £17,000.

Well, who would have thought that a Morris Minor costing £656 back in 1968 would sell at auction for £17,000. That is just what happened at CW Auctions.

The Morris Minor 1000 in question had been lovingly maintained by its owner but had spent much of the time locked away in a garage. It only had 190 miles on the clock. It was in wonderful condition and was bought by a Morris Minor enthusiast from York.

Interestingly, the car was only forecast to go under the hammer for around £7,000 to £10,000 but, apparently, there was a great deal of interest including from overseas. It is great to see this classic car being purchased by someone in this country and let us hope that it remains here.

The Morris Minor was built between the periods 1948 to 1972 with in excess of 1.3 million being constructed. When it first came out, it was produced in a two-door format as well as a convertible. By 1950, there was a 4-door version available. The 1000 series was first built back in 1956. It initially had a 956 cc engine but in 1962 this capacity was increased to 1,098 cc giving it a top speed of 77 mph and it was capable of doing 38 mpg.

As can be seen, this classic vehicle has certainly increased in value over the years and it will be interesting to see if it continues to do so in the future. We will let you know of any other interesting classic car auctions.

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