ULEZ Exemption For Historic Vehicle Tax Class Motors

Quite recently, the Mayor of London announced all the details of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) that is to come into effect in London on the 7th September 2020. There had been some concern that it would also affect many classic cars but the general feeling is that many of those historic car owners have been unaffected.

Classic cars that have the Historic Vehicle Tax Class will not have to pay the ULEZ daily charge

Vehicles with the Historic Vehicle Tax Class are exempt from paying the Ultra Low Emission Zone charge

The ULEZ is to cover the same area as the Congestion Charging Zone (CCZ) and includes many cars, vans, motorcycles, HGVs and minibuses that do not comply with exhaust emission standards. It is designed to improve the air quality in the capital for those people living and working in it. Any such vehicle that does not meet the required emission standard will have to pay a daily charge when travelling within the ULEZ.

However, all vehicles that come under the “historic vehicle tax class” will not have to comply with the low emission standards and will be able to travel within the ULEZ without having to pay the ULEZ daily charge. You will be pleased to read that this will be of great benefit to many owners of these classic vehicles of which there are undoubtedly quite a few within the capital.

There will no doubt be a number of residents within London who feel that no matter what sort of vehicle it is that someone drives that they should pay this charge if it does not meet the low emission requirements. For many of those people that do share an interest in classic cars, they will not agree with such a view as they will probably feel that the authenticity of such vintage vehicles could be jeapordised if they had to be adapted to comply with this new regulation.

Is there not something special about seeing such classic cars being driven around the streets of our capital city? Do they not add to the ambience within the centre of London?

We would welcome your thoughts.

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