Would You Fit A Dashcam To Your Classic Car?

Apparently, the number of motorists having dashboard-mounted cameras fitted to their modern cars has increased of late but would you consider having one installed in your classic car?

Have you thought of fitting a dashcam to your classic car?

Would you consider fitting a dashcam to your classic car?

The benefit of a dashcam as they are known is that they will hopefully film a variety of accidents that vehicles are involved in with the film being used as evidence in the event of a claim to help prove who was at fault for the accident should there be a dispute. There are no doubt many accidents that are disputed by the parties as to who is responsible for a road traffic collision so surely anything that can be done to help in the claims process has got to be welcomed.

Of course there may be some owners of classic cars that would not entertain having a dashcam fitted to their cherished vehicle as they may feel that it would spoil the look of the car inside. There will no doubt be some classic motorists that do not feel there is any need to fit one as they don’t use their car very often but you just never know when you may have an accident. The fact that you may only drive say a few hundred miles a year in the car should make no difference in your decision making process.

You may have invested a considerable amount of money in purchasing and restoring your classic car so if a dashcam were to help by apportioning blame for an accident should you need to claim on your policy it could be of tremendous benefit to you from a financial perspective. Unfortunately, having a dashcam fitted to your classic car will not see your classic car insurance premium lower but at least it may help should you claim on your policy.

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