Land Rover Defender Fetches £400,000

Who would think that a Land Rover Defender could achieve a sale price at auction of as much as £400,000. Well, that is exactly what has happened but it is worth noting that the vehicle was not even a classic model.

It will be interesting to see how much this Land Rover Defender is worth when it becomes a classic vehicle in the years to come

A Land Rover Defender fetched £400,000 at auction.

On the 16th December 2015, a charity auction took place at Bonhams in New Bond Street, London. The vehicle in question was the two-millionth built of the Land Rover Defender series. It is believed to be the highest price that a production Land Rover Defender has ever been sold for during an auction.

The Land Rover Series first went into production back in 1948 and there are no doubt many classic models still on the roads here in the UK. It was certainly a vehicle that was built to last. However, production is due to stop in January 2016.

Anyway, this particular model mentioned above was built in May 2015 by Land Rover’s team ably supported by a number of “brand ambassadors” who included Virginia McKenna and Bear Grylls.

This two-millionth model has a number of features. For instance, it has a badge saying “no 2,000,000” on it and this wording/numbering has also been stitched into the headrests of the seats. It also has a map of Red Wharf Bay beautifully engraved upon it. It was in the sand at this bay that the design of the original Land Rover was drawn. Attached to the driver’s seat is a plaque that has the signatures of all the people that played their part in building the vehicle.

The proceeds from the sale of this vehicle that was bought by someone living in Qatar are to be donated to the conservation and humanitarian partners of Land Rover.

One day, this unique Land Rover Defender will no doubt become a classic vehicle and it will be interesting to see what price it may fetch should it ever be sold again many years from now.

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