Ford Capri Achieves Record Auction Price

There were almost 1.9 million Ford Capri’s built between 1969 to 1987 appealing to all sorts of motorists but in particular the younger driver in view of the coupe sporty styling. Some of these vehicles have really turned into much sought after classic cars and fetched excellent prices when coming up for sale.

A Ford Capri 280 "Brooklands" that was similar to the one in this picture recently sold for a record price at auction in February 2016

A Ford Capri 280 “Brooklands” fairly similar to this one recently sold for a record price.

In fact, one has recently sold at the Race Retro Classic Car Sale run by Silverstone Auctions last month for a record price. A 1987 Ford Capri 280 “Brooklands” has sold for £54,000 – many thousands above its guide price. It has the registration number D909 XAP and only had 936 miles on the clock – yes, less than 1,000 miles.

Interestingly, only 1,038 of the Ford Capri 280 “Brooklands” were manufactured. The original owner of this vehicle was a Mr T Carey who wished to make sure that it was kept in as good condition as possible so it was not driven on the road system very much. It was sold to someone else in 2011 who didn’t drive it but merely periodically started the engine to keep it “ticking over”.

This particular classic car is in wonderful condition. Its bodywork is green with stripes down the side of it. It has a grey leather inside that is well maintained. It was sold with such things as its service book, original sales receipt and manuals. The Ford Capri does look sleek and stylish. It has a 2,792 cc, 6 cylinder engine and 15-inch wheels. It was certainly a nippy vehicle.

There were many other classic cars that were sold at the above auction. Let us hope that the opportunity comes up again at some point in the future for the likes of a Ford Capri 280 “ Brooklands” to be available for sale. However, it will be interesting if one is ever sold with a lower mileage than the one mentioned above?

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