Which Region Of The UK Has Greatest Percentage Of Classic Cars?

An infographic produced by the price comparison website Gocompare entitled MOTORING UK provides some interesting information about motoring, including what percentage of classic cars are located in different regions of the UK. This analysis is based upon in excess of 3 million quotes for car insurance so would appear to be comprehensive.

The biggest % of classic cars can be found in the West Midlands

The West Midlands has the greatest percentage of classic cars in the UK.

It may come as a surprise to read that the region in the UK that has the greatest percentage of classic cars is the West Midlands. That region has 13% of classic cars in it.

The West Midlands is closely followed by the North East and London that each have 12% of classic cars in them.

Central Southern has 9% as does the North West. East Anglia, Home Counties and East Midlands each have 7% of the classic cars in the UK.

The South West and Northern Ireland each have 5%.

Wales and Borders and the South East each have 4% of the classic car market.

Southern Scotland has 2%.

Northern Scotland has 0%.

There may be some readers who were of the opinion that it would be regions like London and the South East that would have the greatest percentage of classic cars in them on the basis that those regions possibly contain some of the most affluent residents.

It would be interesting to know what the total value of these classic cars was in each region. For instance, could it be that London is the region that has the classic cars with the greatest total value as it is possible that, on average, people living in that region can afford to buy more expensive classic cars than say some classic car owners in the other regions?

Anyway, no matter what region of the UK that you reside in, if you require a quote to insure your classic car then why not get in touch with us.

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