Classic Citroen 2CVs Venture Into The Yorkshire Dales

The Citroen 2CV has become something of an iconic classic vehicle whose unique shape tends to be loved by many enthusiasts. It was manufactured between 1948 and 1990 and was equipped with an air-cooled engine. In excess of 3.8 million of them were built and many can still be seen on our roads today.

The Citroen 2CV is a classic vehicle

There are many classic Citroen 2CVs on our roads.

In fact, if you had recently been up in the Yorkshire Dales, a beautiful National Park, you may have come across a cavalcade of classic Citroen 2CVs in numerous shapes and colours as they made their annual journey from Leeds and through the Wharfedale Valley travelling in the region of 80 miles. You may even have caught a glimpse of a Citroen 2CV van.

The vehicles were obviously built to travel on some challenging roads that you come across in the Yorkshire Dales with many twists and turns and steep inclines. These particular vehicles ended up at the Tan Hill Inn which is the highest pub located in the United Kingdom at a height of 1,732 feet above sea level. There are some spectacular views to be seen in this part of the world that no doubt many of the owners of the vintage Citroen 2CVs enjoyed whilst visiting the above inn.

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