Classic Cars Find New Homes At The Salon Prive Sale 2017

Those of you who are classic car enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that there were some interesting vintage vehicles sold at the Salon Prive Sale this year. Below we mention some of them but you may wish to look at the Silverstone Auctions website for the full collection of cars that were offered for sale.

The Triumph TR6 is a delightful classic sports car

The Triumph TR6 was a nippy sports car

A Triumph TR6 built in 1972 was sold for £24,750. It has a 6 cylinder 2,498cc engine making it an extremely nippy two seater open top sports car. This particular vehicle has been beautifully restored and looks the part in red.

A stunning Porsche 356 b 1600 S Coupe that was manufactured way back in 1962 sold for £118,125. This vehicle was completely restored a couple of years ago with silver bodywork.

How about a 1968 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 with a 4,400 cc v12 engine with 320bhp that was capable of accelerating from 0 to 60mph in a mere 7 seconds as it powered to a top speed of 150mph. It has travelled less than 48,000 miles. This spectacular looking red classic sports car achieved a sale price of £196,875.

Someone was lucky enough to be able to purchase a fully restored Austin Healey 3000 MK11 that was built way back in 1962. The bodywork is finished in Healey Ice Blue and it has blue leather seating. Its 6 cylinder 2,912 cc engine was capable of reaching a top speed of 120mph making it a rather nippy classic vehicle.

A 1947 Jaguar Mk IV 1.5 SE achieved a sale price of £42,750. Both the bodywork and interior are in suede green. The vehicle has been restored to an extremely high standard.

A delightful looking MGA 1600 Mk1 “Deluxe” Roadster that was built way back in 1960 achieved a sale price of £47,813. Only 70 of these cars were produced. This particular model was painted in Iris Blue. It was restored to a very high standard.

It is to be hoped that suitable classic car insurance has been arranged to cover all the above vehicles in case something untoward happens as the cost of replacing or repairing such cars would no doubt be costly. If you are looking for a quote for this specialist type of cover then why not get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable staff today to discuss your requirements.

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