40 Year Old Classic Cars To Be Exempt From MOTs

Owners of classic cars will be interested to read that it has ben announced by the Government that from the 20th May of 2018 classic cars that are more than 40 years of age will no longer require an MOT. At the present time, it is cars built prior to 1960 that are not required to have an MOT.

This announcement will no doubt receive a mixed response from people. Presumably, it is felt that classic car owners take particular good care of their vehicles from both a bodywork and mechanical point of view and, therefore, a more relaxed approach can be provided in respect of such cars in excess of 40 years of age. Another reason may be that many of these vehicles do not travel as many miles a year as modern cars often being taken out just on a sunny weekend. However, there will no doubt be some people who have a different opinion perhaps feeling that such cars should still require having an MOT carried out once a year.

It is interesting to hear that around 197,000 vehicles do not require an MOT and this is forecast to rise to around 490,000 in May of next year. Therefore there will no doubt be many MOT testing businesses that will be unhappy at this decision as it will mean less work and revenue for them.

There is nothing to stop a classic car enthusiast still taking their cherished vehicle that was built over 40 years ago along for an MOT if it provides them with extra peace of mind. It may also help in achieving a sale should he or she decides to sell the vehicle.

Of course, whilst there is to be a relaxation in MOT testing requirements as detailed above, there is no change to classic car insurance requirements so do make sure that you have adequate cover in place. In that respect, if you do require a competitive quotation, why not get in touch with us to obtain a no-obligation quote.

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