Ferrari Driven By Schumacher Achieves Record Sale Price

Michael Schumacher is believed to be one of the greatest racing drivers of all time having won many Formula 1 World Championships. He was renowned for his skill at the wheel of such powerful vehicles.

He was perhaps best known for his many successes driving for Ferrari. He could be seen driving at breath taking around the racing tracks located at venues around the world such at Silverstone here in the UK or at the unique street racing track in Monaco.

Well, all you Ferrari and/or Michael Schumacher enthusiasts will no doubt be interested to read that at Sothebys Contemporary Art Evening Auction that took place on the 16th November 2017 in New York a classic 2001 Ferrari F2001 driven by the above racing driver was sold for a record $7,504,000 well in excess of its estimated price of $4,000,000 to $4,500,000.

This particular racing car was driven to victory at the Monaco Grand Prix in 2001 by Michael Schumacher. This race is possibly the one most Formula 1 racing drivers would say is the one that they would most love to drive to victory at. With so few opportunities to overtake on this street circuit you certainly need to be rather brave behind the wheel of an extremely powerful racing car.

Presumably, one of the reasons why the car achieved such a price at the auction was because Michael Schumacher had sat behind the wheel of the vehicle and had some success in it. Another reason is no doubt because it is manufactured by Ferrari whose name within the racing world is reputedly second to none.

The new owner is no doubt extremely proud at having been successful at auction in pursuit of this fantastic looking classic racing car. Its sleek design as well as the racing ability of Michael Schumacher no doubt helped in its success at Monaco. We hope that the new owner enjoys his or her purchase and gets the opportunity to drive it at one of the many Formula 1 circuits around the world.

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