Classic Aston Martin Sells For Record £10 million

A rare classic 1961 Aston Martin “MP209” DB4GT Zagato Grand Touring Two-Seat Coupe driven by a famous racing driver has recently been sold by Bonhams for over £10 million. The sale price of £10, 081,500 was a record for a British car sold in Europe at an auction.

The coupe was driven by the legendary Jim Clark who was Formula 1 World Champion on more than one occasion. He raced the car at both the RAC Tourist Trophy at Goodwood and also at the Paris 1,000 Kilometres. Unfortunately, in the first mentioned race the vehicle crashed and in the second the car had a mechanical problem.

Apparently, there were only nineteen of the Aston Martin DB4GT Zagatos built so it is extremely rare but only three of them were of the “MP209” type. This is no doubt one of the reasons why it achieved a record sale price at the auction.

The car has been in the same family ownership for 47 years and has been looked after very well. It appeared in a number of other races until 1991. Since then it has attended a number of shows.

Such classic cars are no doubt very expensive to insure but presumably the new owner will want to protect his or her investment. There are many insurers who provide classic car insurance so it is important that one is chosen that will provide an excellent level of cover for an affordable premium. There are many ways that this type of insurance can be arranged such as by going online and using the services of one or more price comparison websites or picking up the phone to a broker who specialises in insuring classic cars. There are also various classic car clubs that have arrangements with insurers for their makes of car who you could get in touch with.

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