Maintain Your Classic Car Wisely

The myth among the classic car insurance owners regarding the impact of bird droppings on the classic car has been cleared.

The classic car owners believe that the bird droppings affect the paintwork of the classic cars but a study by car cleaning product company has revealed that the avian scat is devoid of any acidic properties. The actual reason behind the deteriorating paint work is the molding and contraction of cooling paint lacquer that damages the surrounded area.

In summer the paint lacquer warms and softens which make it expand. The same summer heat dries and hardens the bird dropping on surface. The paint mould around the bird dropping due to the varying temperature. The area with bird dropping looks worn to naked eyes so we assume that the car paint is affected by bird dropping. You can easily tackle the problem by using moist cloth on bird dropping and clear it as soon as you saw it.

The classic car insurance owners who insure their car with specialist insurer get the agreed value of car in case of any theft or damage but if the paint is affected by heat then the car owner must take preventive steps to avoid any defect in car paint.

The classic cars are usually parked in garage but if you have took it out for a day then try to protect it from summer heat. One can keep the car in shade in summer season so that the paint is least affected by the biting heat.

The regular cleaning of classic car will help in preventing any formation of worn on the car due to varying temperature. The classic cars are prized possession and any defect in them might influence the car value also. It’s better to take care of the car instead of following any myth.


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