Monthly Archives: March 2016

Further Increase In IPT

It is unlikely to result in a really big increase in premiums but Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) is to go up once more so this will mean that you are likely to be going to pay more for your classic car insurance. It was announced in the budget that IPT is going up by 0.5% to 10% and this is … Continue reading


Ford Capri Achieves Record Auction Price

There were almost 1.9 million Ford Capri‚Äôs built between 1969 to 1987 appealing to all sorts of motorists but in particular the younger driver in view of the coupe sporty styling. Some of these vehicles have really turned into much sought after classic cars and fetched excellent prices when coming up for sale. In fact, one has recently sold at … Continue reading


Classic Cars Favour Well In Luxury Investment Index

There are an awful lot of wealthy individuals in the world with some being worth several billion pounds. No doubt many rich people enjoy investing some of their funds in luxury assets such as jewellery, boats and classic cars. Well, apparently, according to the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index (KFLII by asset class), last year, classic cars performed better than … Continue reading