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Why Pay Monthly For Your Classic Car Insurance?

When you arrange classic car insurance you will need to pay the insurance company for providing the cover. The most popular ways of paying are either by way of paying the whole year’s premium all in one lump sum or to pay the premium on a monthly basis. The later way tends to be a little more expensive as, in … Continue reading


Contents Of Breakers’ Yard To Be Auctioned

Blackborough House, a few miles from Honiton in Devon, is the location of an interesting breakers’ yard that has many pieces including classic cars that are in need of restoration as well as many car parts. The house has already been sold to a property developer but the contents of the breakers’ yard are to be auctioned this coming Saturday … Continue reading


Classics From The 1980s Appeal To The Car Thief

An increasing number of people are taking an interest in the modern classic car dating back to as recently as the 1980s. Many of you will be familiar with the likes of the Ford Cortina which was an extremely popular family saloon, the Ford Capri that was loved by those motorists wanting a little bit of “street cred” or the … Continue reading