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Why Get More Than One Classic Car Insurance Quote?

When you are looking for a classic car insurance quote because you are either in the process of buying a classic car or are shopping around for cover because your existing policy is coming up to its renewal date why go to the trouble of getting more than one quote? After all, does that not take longer to do than … Continue reading


Why Is Classic Car Insurance Often So Competitively Priced?

The majority of classic car owners also own a modern vehicle. Quite often, the value of their 20-year-old classic car can exceed the value of their brand new VW Golf. In which case, why can you find that the insurance premium for the classic car is significantly lower than that of the new vehicle? Well, insurers take a number of … Continue reading


Why Insure Your Classic Car?

You have probably invested either a considerable amount of money when purchasing your classic car or spent a great deal of time restoring a vehicle that you were able to buy at a reduced price. Either way, you really should protect your investment by arranging classic car insurance. In any event, it is a legal requirement that you insure your … Continue reading