Classic Car Event Held In Chester

Classic car enthusiasts had another moment to cheer recently, when CES, a car parts distributor based in UK, held a classic car show event in the city of Chester. The event came ahead of the Winter Challenge Rally, also sponsored by CES, a four day rally that goes on to Monte Carlo.

The classic car show had about 70 gleaming classic cars on display, cars that would soon be participating in the Winter Challenge Rally. Their drivers, not to be outdone, were replete in period costumes and patiently answered questions from the gathered public.

CES spokespeople said that the rally was a marvellous opportunity for the company to showcase its brand, along with providing a boost to the city’s economy.

It was a foregone conclusion for CES to choose Chester as the base for holding the event, since the car parts distributor has been based in the sleepy city for over 26 years now.

Paul Daniels, Chester City Management’s chairman was exhilarated with the positive response that the event received.

“Our thanks to CES, for bringing the rally to Chester and for working with us to help boost trade in the city of Chester on Saturday. The crowds to see the cars were as big as any I have seen. I hope they will come again next year,” Daniels stated.

CES staff was kept busy for the better part of the afternoon, giving out company products and promotional souvenirs to the shoppers. Also, the company ran its ‘Autosessive of the Year’ annual competition, which awards the owner of the best-looking classic car in the gathered audience. Richard Snowdon was this year’s winner, with his 1986 Ford Capri 280 Limited Edition stealing the show. The awards and trophies for the day were presented by CES’s marketing manager, Simon Moore.

The classic car event had many in the public declaring newfound desires of owning a classic car. Rick Huffington, 56, a retired accountant, expressed a desire to start shopping around for an MGB Roadster.

“Well, I’ll definitely be making some calls around and see what the story is. If my savings allow, my heart is set on a cherry-red MGB Roadster,” Huffington enthused.

He’s not the only one; many others in the crowd voiced similar opinions. Also, the fact that classic car insurance has become increasingly more convenient seems to have cemented their desires even more.

Next morning saw a throng of people getting up early to see off the classic cars on their way to Monte Carlo. Both days saw crowds over a thousand strong, no mean feat for the generally reticent city of Chester.

Howard Warren, CES Chairman and an enthusiastic participant in the rally, was overwhelmed with the response that the event and company got.

“That is as big a welcome as we have ever had for any rally I have taken part in. To have over 1000 people come out on a Sunday morning to see us off was very special,” Warren said.






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