Is Your Car Classic Or Vintage?

There are some people that think that a classic car is just another name for a vintage car but this is not the case. Let us explain what the difference between them both is.

This 1964 Ford Anglia is a classic car

A classic Ford Anglia built in 1964

It really is quite simple. A vintage car is a vehicle that was built between 1919 to 1930. A classic car was a vehicle that was built after 1930 up to a certain date.

It is the “certain date” that is open to interpretation. For instance, if you were to ask HM Revenue and Customs what their definition of a classic car is they would say that it is a car that is worth more than £15,000 and is more than 15 years of age. However, classic car insurance can be arranged with some insurers on vehicles that are at least 10 years old.

Having said all this, does it really matter if your car is classed as a vintage or a classic vehicle? There will be some car enthusiasts who, for instance, own a vintage car that do feel that it makes a difference and are extremely proud of the fact that the age of their car puts it into the vintage car bracket. There will also be a number of vintage car owners who really don’t care.

Whether you own a vintage or classic car, you will no doubt all share a similar passion for possessing such vehicles. Both types of owners will no doubt take great care in maintaining their vehicles. After all, many owners will have spent a considerable sum of money on purchasing and renovating such vehicles.

Insurance for both vintage and classic cars covers both types of vehicle so, you will be pleased to read, there are no issues to consider in that respect. The important thing is that the vehicle is suitably insured to provide the owner with peace of mind that should something untoward happen to it the policy should pay out.

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