Classic Car Owner Crashes Expensive Bugatti

A few days ago, the Chateau Impney Hill Climb took place in Droitwich, Worcestershire that involved over 200 vehicles of varying makes and models including a 1932 classic Bugatti Type 51 that is estimated to be worth in the region of £1 million.

The Bugatti Type 51 is a delightdul looking classic car

A vintage Bugatti Type 51

The above event first took place way back in 1957 and it is now attended by many thousands of spectators who are able to enjoy the thrill of this motor sport. It involves competitors racing up a 1,000-yard tarmac course as they make an attempt to be the faster person to complete the course. There are several different classes of races that take place over 2 days. There was also a display of classic cars and motorbikes at the event.

Unfortunately, Edmund Burgess who owns the above vintage vehicle had an accident whilst taking the car out on a practice run at the above event. The beautiful looking expensive classic car tipped over and came to a halt upside down with the driver trapped underneath the vehicle.

It took 3 race marshals to lift the Bugatti up and help Mr Burgess get out from beneath the vehicle. Although he was able to walk away from the scene, he was subsequently taken to hospital on the same day and released a couple of days later.

There is no news about the condition of the classic car following the accident but let us hope that it is not too badly damaged and that it does not cost too much to have it repaired.

If you were not able to attend this year’s event then do try to get along to the one planned for next year. There will no doubt be a lot of classic motorsports vehicles taking part so it is a great opportunity to admire so many of these vintage vehicles all in one location.

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