Distractions hamper classic car insurance of average driver

An average driver just not drives from A to B to reach the destination as there are many activities involved during the car driving that leads to distracted driving further affecting car insurance claims.

An average driver with more than 60 years of motoring career might see around 100 days of traffic jam. The traffic jam increases the risk on vintage car further adding to the frustration of the driver. The stressed driver might take risky driving action that might cause damage to the car. It is wise to drive responsibly and buy classic car insurance cover to keep the car protected in heavy traffic jam.

When it is about dating in car, it might be quite dangerous as the distracted driver is unable to well concentrate on road and you might risk the safety of your vehicle. The classic car insurance cover keeps your vehicle protected but at the same time, the driver also needs to avoid any damageable action.

The motoring lifetime of an average driver also includes Barneys, blazing rows and disagreements with their better half. However, such emotional traumatic conditions make it difficult for the driver to concentrate on road. It is advised to avoid any emotional controversy while driving as the driver might not be able to drive efficiently with upset mind.

The danger faced by average driver while driving include 81 near misses, 35 minor scrapes, bumps and dings. Even the radio listening habit is noticed in average driver which includes equivalent of 376 days of radio listening in the car while driving and getting distracted.

The classic cars are priced possession of the owner but driving distractions might hamper its safety so it is advised to drive cautiously to enjoy maximum benefits on the classic car insurance cover and during the renewal of the policy.

About Anne Jacobs

I am a full time insurance underwriter with a love for writing. I work in the UK at a classic car insurance company. My other hobbies are going to the gym and aerobics (when I am not looking after my 3 year old daughter Jessie.
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