Man Suffers Burns Whilst Working On Classic Car

We thought this would be an interesting news article to share with you bearing in mind that it is something that could happen to anyone working on his or her classic car.

classic car blaze involves fire brigade being called out

Fire engine

A few days ago fire fighters were called out to someone’s property in Redditch, Worcestershire to deal with a fire. Although the firemen had to attend the blaze in the extremely snowy conditions they were, fortunately, very quickly able to locate the fire hydrant under the deep snow having only recently undertaken a maintenance program of fire hydrants.

Apparently, the classic car that the man had been doing some work on within his garage had caught fire resulting in him suffering burns to his face. He was treated at the location of the incident and then transported to a hospital.

The fire service commented that six of their fire fighters had to tackle the fire in a detached garage wearing breathing apparatus. The fire spread to homes that were situated on each side of the garage. The exact cause was not known but it is thought to have been caused accidentally.

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service issued a warning saying that should someone be contemplating undertaking repairs at home they need to be conscious of the inherent dangers when working with flammable liquids, fuel and cylinders.

A spokesperson said that the classic car, the garage and the contents of the garage had been completely destroyed with a little damage caused by the fire to two homes.

We do not know anymore than the above but it was not many weeks ago that we spoke about the importance of classic car insurance laid up cover. Let us hope that the owner of the classic car had appropriate classic car insurance in place. At least no lives were lost as a result of the blaze.

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