Spring Is Not Far Away – Get Your Classic Car Prepared

Believe it or not but there are not many weeks to go before Spring is upon us once again. You only have to look in the garden and observe those daffodil bulbs coming through to confirm this.

So, don’t you think that you should start getting your classic car ready for taking on the roads in the next few weeks? The more prepared you are the better.

clean your classic car before taking it out for its first Spring trip

Make sure your classic car is thoroughly spring cleaned

If, like many classic car owners, your vehicle has been garaged over the Autumn and Winter seasons you may need to devote the next few weekends in preparing it so that you get maximum benefit from owning it.

Even if you have had it covered in the garage you will need to give it a thorough spring clean including a full body wash using car shampoo and a good coat of car wax polish to protect the bodywork. After all, the bodywork of classic cars was not constructed/painted in the same way that modern cars are so are more likely to suffer from rust if not well maintained.

If you have a soft-top sports car the fold-down roof should receive special attention making sure that there are no rips in the material and it should be carefully cleaned and protected with a suitable substance. When you think about it, if it rains, the roof is likely to collect water no matter how well designed this part of the car has been and standing water can stain and cause damp if just left on the surface of the roof.

A service of the vehicle could be a good idea to make sure that it is in roadworthy condition and does not break down when you first use it. Hopefully, whilst the vehicle has been garaged you will have remembered to have gone out to the car periodically and start the engine and leave it ticking over for a few minutes.

If you declared the car SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) and changed your classic car insurance to only providing Laid Up cover whilst it was in the garage, don’t forget to contact your insurance company to have that changed to either third party, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive cover for when you take the car back out onto the public road network.

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