Why Insure Your Classic Car?

You have probably invested either a considerable amount of money when purchasing your classic car or spent a great deal of time restoring a vehicle that you were able to buy at a reduced price. Either way, you really should protect your investment by arranging classic car insurance.

classic car insurance is a legal requirement if you have left your car on a public road and/or have not declared it SORN

Surely you would want to protect your investment by insuring your classic car?

In any event, it is a legal requirement that you insure your classic car for a minimum of third party cover if you have it on a public road and/or if you have not bothered to declare it SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).

Can you imagine what would happen if you had no insurance and you were involved in an accident whilst driving it? You could be held responsible for damage to not only your car but also any passengers in your car, the damage to other vehicles, other property and other people. The liability could run into millions of pounds.

Furthermore, as you would have been breaking the law, you could face points on your license, being banned from driving, a fine and even imprisonment. Is it really worth the risk? Surely not!

When you consider the sum of money that you have invested in your classic car, the few hundred pounds that you may need to pay to insure your car could almost pale into insignificance. Shopping around for cheap classic car insurance is made so much easier these days by the Internet as it provides you with access to a number of price comparison websites. Such websites often provide you with quotes from a number of different insurance companies and you will find it is quick and easy to get such information.

Having got one or more quotes and studied the policy details you are often even able to arrange cover and also set up the premium payment arrangements online thus providing you with complete peace of mind.

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