Take Extra Care In The Winter

The winter is now firmly upon us as we see the first frosts of the season here in the UK. Therefore, it is perhaps an opportune moment to remind all you classic car enthusiasts to adjust your driving to match the weather conditions.

don't venture out in your classic car if there is too much snow on the ground

This Morris Minor is probably better staying at home in this weather!

Of course, some of you will have decided not to venture out in your vintage vehicle at this time of year and put your car in the garage to hibernate until the spring. In which case, do make sure that, at very least, you have arranged Laid Up cover with your classic car insurance provider just incase something untoward happens to your car.

For those of you that still intend to venture out we hope that the following tips are of benefit to you.

Don’t go out if advised not to do so – if the authorities do not recommend that you go out in your car because the weather is so bad do follow their advice. They issue these very rare warnings for good reasons.

Prepare before travelling – make sure that you carry things like wellingtons, spade and extra clothing in the boot in case you get stranded. Perhaps, even some food and a flask with a hot drink in it. Have you put antifreeze in the radiator? Do the heater, all the lights and windscreen wipers work? Are your tyres OK?

Breakdown cover – a good thing to have at this time of year as this is when more cars fail to start in the morning or break down whilst travelling.

Slow down – adjust your speed to cater for the weather conditions. If it is slippery on the road, whether that is through excessive rain, snow or frost then it will take you longer to come to a halt when braking in comparison to being on a dry surface. Keep further back from the car in front than normal incase they brake suddenly. When approaching a bend, brake carefully before you get to the bend rather than when you are going around it.

Put your lights on – So that you can be seen more easily by other vehicles and pedestrians when it is dull, raining, snowing or foggy, make sure that you drive with the most suitable outside car lights on.

We hope that the above has been of help.

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