Where Can You Buy Classic Car Parts?

If you enjoy restoring or repairing your own classic car then you are likely to want to source the occasional spare part for your vehicle. Depending upon the part that you require, many of you would no doubt prefer to find one from an original vehicle rather than get one that has been manufactured as a replica.

One of the places that you may find spare classic parts is at a breakers yard

You may be able to source a suitable part for your classic car at a breakers yard

There are a number of places that you can get original spare parts from for your classic car. Let’s have a look at some of them.

One of the most popular places is through the Internet as there are companies that specialise in this line of business. You will find that by keying something like “where to buy classic car parts uk” in your browser’s search box will bring up a number of businesses providing such products. If you are based in the UK and own a vintage car that was made in the UK then it is probably going to be a little cheaper to obtain parts from someone in this country as any postage costs are likely to be lower than if they were sent to you from the likes of the USA.

Another way of getting a replacement part could be through a classic car owners club whose members all own the same sort of vehicle that you do. It may be that a member has decided to break up a vehicle having come to the conclusion that it is beyond restoration. You might just be lucky and find that a particular part off such a vehicle is exactly what you are looking for.

Spare parts are also advertised in the likes of classic car magazines, on eBay or you could even go to a breakers yard and try to source what you are looking for. You may hear of what is sometimes referred to as a “barn find” when one or more classic cars are discovered after many years of being kept hidden away. The car may be beyond repair but one or more of the parts could be re-usable.

So, whether you are looking for mechanical spare parts, a vintage headlight or an original set of spanners there are a number of places you can search for them.

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