Don’t Forget To Amend Your Cover

There are no doubt many classic car enthusiasts that have spent the autumn and winter months restoring their vintage vehicles. Whilst doing so, some people will have switched their classic car insurance cover to just providing Laid Up cover.

once you have restored your classic car and want to drive it on public roads you will need to make sure you have suitable classic car insurance

Laid Up cover may be suitable if you are keeping your classic car in a garage whilst restoring it but if you want to drive it on the public roadway you will need to consider at least third party classic car insurance

Having completed the works and as we are now benefitting from the fact that the clocks have changed and we have an extra hour of daylight, some of you will be wanting to get behind the wheel of your cherished car and take it out for a Sunday jaunt. That is all well and good but do not forget to review your insurance.

This is because you will not be able to drive your classic car on the public road system if you only have Laid Up cover. That sort of insurance only covers you for the likes of damage to the vehicle whilst it was being restored or if it was stolen from your garage.

If you intend to drive your car as indicated above then you will need to ensure that you have sorted out suitable cover. That will need to be for a minimum of third party fire and theft from a legal point of view. This will cover damage to another vehicle, property or other persons but will not provide cover for damage to your own car.

If you want to ensure that your own classic car is covered should you be involved in an accident that is your fault then you may wish to consider fully comprehensive classic car insurance. Although likely to be more expensive than the other forms of insurance, it should provide you with peace of mind and, having possibly spent many hours in restoring your beloved vehicle as well as maybe spending a significant amount of money, is it not better to arrange the best cover that you can within your budget?

In this respect, why not obtain a competitive classic car insurance quote through us.

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