174 Classic Motors Came Up For Auction

Those of you who are interested in buying a classic vehicle at auction may be interested to read that London Barn Finds has been involved in auctioning up to 174 classic motors that have been kept in a warehouse in London. Apparently, they are owned by one person who has amassed the collection over a period of around ten years. Some people viewed the cars on Bank Holiday Monday and some people made bids. You may wish to check if any are still available to buy

Obviously, the estimated sale price varies amongst this extensive collection with the most expensive said to have an estimated sale price of around £25,000. It is a 1960 MG MGA sports car. The total estimated sale prices are almost £1 million. Apparently, the owner is selling the vehicles because they are kept in a warehouse that is owned by the council and the council wants the warehouse back. To try and find an alternative place to keep such a number of vehicles securely was probably going to be difficult.

Presumably, the owner of such a number of classic vehicles will possibly be sad to be parting company with them. It is to be hoped that they all find good homes. Apparently, they are covered in dust but are said to have been driven to the warehouse that they have been stored in for quite some time. Hopefully, there will be some still available that are within your price range.

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