How To Get Cheaper Classic Car Insurance

Many people have had to tighten their belts in recent years and are still doing this due to the economic climate. The perception that just because you own a classic car means that you could not possibly be looking to cut or contain your expenditure is an incorrect one. So, how can you possibly get cheaper classic car insurance?

wouldn't you like to reduce the cost of your classic car insurance

There may be ways that you can reduce your classic car insurance premiums

Well, there are a number of things that you can do, such as shop around for your classic car insurance prior to your premium coming up for renewal. One of the ways of doing this is to use a price comparison website. This is a quick and simple way of obtaining numerous classic car insurance quotes but you should only have to key in the requested information once. Not only can you get several quotes to peruse but you can also look at the key features and benefits of the policies to ensure you get the cover you need.

Another factor that may affect the premium is whether you have any security features fitted to your car such as an alarm, immobiliser or tracking device. If you do, your premium may be lower.

The number of miles that you travel in your classic car each year has a bearing on the premium. For instance, if you do less than say 1,000 miles per annum your premium may be cheaper than if you do 7,000 miles each year. When applying for classic car insurance be realistic with the number of miles you do in a year.

The amount of excess may have a bearing so if you are prepared to pay the first £500 of any claim your premium may be lower than if you only wanted to pay the first £100.

Who drives your classic car? If it is only you, then, why have you insured anyone over the age of 25 to drive it as you may be paying more for your cover?

Do you need all the optional extras that you have chosen to include on the policy? If not, by removing some of them may reduce your premium.

Hopefully the above has given some of you “food for thought”.

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