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How Much Is Your Classic Car Insured For?

It was only on the 9th June that we wrote about the huge increase in value of some classic cars so it is interesting to hear now that this movement in values may have a significant bearing on classic car owner’s insurance. The Historic Automobile Group International (HAGI) researches the investment value of many classic cars and are aware of … Continue reading


Benefits Of Being A Member Of A Classic Car Owners Club

There are numerous classic car owner clubs covering a variety of makes of classic cars not only in the UK but also in various countries around the world. Some clubs are for owners of a specific model whereas there are others that allow owners of any sort of classic car. There are several benefits and for a reasonable annual membership … Continue reading


How To Get Cheaper Classic Car Insurance

Many people have had to tighten their belts in recent years and are still doing this due to the economic climate. The perception that just because you own a classic car means that you could not possibly be looking to cut or contain your expenditure is an incorrect one. So, how can you possibly get cheaper classic car insurance? Well, … Continue reading