What Do You Do With Your Classic Car In The Winter?

It is interesting to note that there do not appear to be too many classic car enthusiasts out on the UK road network at the wheels of their classic cars at this time of year which is a great shame. This could of course be for a number of reasons such as the inclement weather or you could just be taking the opportunity to have garaged your vehicle to carry out some much needed restoration work.

driving an open top classic sports car can be a wonderful experience in the winter period

Driving a classic car in the winter can be delightful

Having said that, there can be nothing nicer than to be driving your classic sports soft-top car along a country road on a beautiful crisp, sunny winter’s morning with the roof down. This provides the most exhilarating of drives and, as long as the roads are not icy, should provide an enjoyable and safe experience.

Obviously, with the roads having been gritted, your classic car may get an element of salt on the bodywork. So, it is important that, as soon as possible after completing your journey, you take the opportunity to thoroughly wash and dry the car so that the paintwork is not damaged in any way. This should be done before the car is garaged.

There are many people that use the winter months to carry out some restoration work to their beloved classic car in view of the poorer weather. If you are taking your classic car off the road for a period of time you may wish to consider Laid Up cover instead of the “normal” types of classic car insurance and then, when you are ready to take your car back on the road, you can revert to the likes of third party, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive cover.

During the winter period you may also wish to take your classic car to one or two classic car club events that have been specially arranged with the enthusiast in mind. This enables you to meet other owners of classic cars like yours and exchange ideas etc.

So, as you can see there are a number of things that you can do with your classic car in the winter months.

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