Laid Up Classic Car Insurance

A lot of classic car owners are not aware of the existence of Laid Up classic car insurance so we thought that those people would potentially benefit from a brief explanation of this level of cover.

laid up cover will provide cover against fire damage or theft whilst you are restoring your classic car in your garage

Laid Up Classic Car Insurance is often suitable cover whilst your car is being restored

Most people will arrange either fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party classic car insurance which, in the majority of cases, is perfectly fine. However, there are an increasing number of owners of classic and vintage cars that carry out restoration work on their vehicles keeping their car under lock and key for several months. It is in this situation that Laid Up cover may be an adequate level of cover to meet your requirements.

Many classic car insurance providers will offer Laid Up cover so it is worth shopping around. This level of cover will provide insurance for your vehicle whilst it is being restored in your garage as long as it has been declared SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) and is not being driven or left on the public road network.

It will cover you for damage caused by fire and theft so if you had been working on the car in your garage during the winter and had put a portable gas heater on to keep you warm, forgotten to turn it off having finished working on the vehicle for the day and the heater subsequently caused a fire resulting in damage to your classic car you would be covered. If your classic car were stolen from the garage then you would be covered.

It may well be that this level of classic car cover is the cheapest option so, in the current economic climate, we are sure that you will agree that has got to be a positive factor.

So, next time you are looking to carry out some serious restoration work on your classic car why not shop around and see if Laid Up cover will meet your requirements.

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