Benefits Of Being A Member Of A Classic Car Owners Club

There are numerous classic car owner clubs covering a variety of makes of classic cars not only in the UK but also in various countries around the world. Some clubs are for owners of a specific model whereas there are others that allow owners of any sort of classic car.

 classic car owners clubs often provide a discount for classic car insurance

Many classic car owners clubs hold local shows

There are several benefits and for a reasonable annual membership fee depending upon the size of club. For instance, you may find that a local club is cheaper to join than a national one.

There is of course the opportunity to meet other people that share the same passion as you for classic cars. It may enable you to obtain some free advice from other members if you should have a mechanical, parts or bodywork problem with your vehicle. This may save you a lot of money when compared with taking the car to a specialist mechanic.

Classic car clubs often have organised events such as an annual show in the grounds of a delightful ancient castle in the locality. This gives you the chance to show off your “pride and joy”. It is also quite possible that the club will arrange a number of touring runs each year so that you can drive your classic car with other owners which again gives you the opportunity to show off your car. Some clubs arrange trips to go and watch the likes of the Silverstone Classic.

The club may even produce a regular newsletter or magazine with useful information for its members such as details about forthcoming shows.

Another benefit is that there are many classic car insurance companies that provide cheaper classic car insurance premiums for club members. It may even be possible to get a discount off the likes of modern car insurance, classic motorbike insurance and home and contents insurance.

So, if the above has got you thinking, why not make some enquiries about joining a classic car club and enjoy the numerous benefits they provide.

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