Mini Once Owned By Movie Star Sold At Auction

I am rather biased towards the Mini because my grandfather taught me to drive in one at the age of 9 on a disused airfield up in Northumberland. In fact, one of the many Minis that he owned was the Clubman which was a little more luxurious than the standard one although never had the speed of the Mini Cooper. I also took and passed my driving test in one.

The Mini has been on our roads for years

A classic Mini

So, I am always on the look out for an interesting news snippet about this wonderful classic car. Therefore, for all you Mini lovers, I would like to share the news that such a vehicle has been sold at auction that was once owned by a well-known actor.

Those of you of a similar age to myself and some of you that are a little older as well will remember Jack Hawkins who died in 1973 at the age of 62. He acted in a number of films including Ben-Hur, The Bridge on the River Kwai and Zulu as well as appearing on stage.

He owned, from new, a 1967 Morris Mini Minor until 1971. The delightful little vehicle had an 848cc engine so was no doubt not the quickest of cars on the road. At some point Jack Hawkins lived in Putney so no doubt pottered about the capital city in the vehicle.

Anyway, you may be interested to note that the restored classic car was sold at auction a few days ago for £5,600. I have to say that I am certainly envious of the new owner especially bearing in mind the history of the vehicle but trust that they enjoy many years behind the wheel and hope that it is not locked away never to be seen on the public road system.

Feel free to leave your comments about the much-loved Mini.

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