What Do You Do When Your Classic Car Insurance Is Due For Renewal?

If, like many classic car enthusiasts, you pay for your classic car insurance on a monthly basis by direct debit what action do you take when you receive your annual renewal documents either through the post or via e-mail?

When you receive your classic car insurance renewal paperwork it may be financially beneficial to shop around to see if you can get the same cover cheaper elsewhere

How many classic car enthusiasts check their insurance renewal documents when received to see if they can save any money with another classic car insurance company?

We are sure that you will not be alone if you just give the documents a cursory glance, make a mental note that the premium has gone up by a couple of pounds a month and then file the paperwork. It may have been better if you considered seeing if you could have saved yourself some money by shopping around.

Unfortunately, not enough people do this. Whether it is because they aren’t concerned about the premium rising by a few pounds a month, can’t be bothered with what they perceive to be a time consuming exercise in shopping around or don’t believe that they can get cheaper classic car insurance anywhere else because, when they took out the cover with their current insurer, they thought they were getting a very good deal.

If you are not bothered about your premium going up by a minimal amount then that is fine but do bear in mind that if a number of your regular outgoings go up by a couple of pounds a month then, collectively, they could add up to a sizable sum. Would you not rather have those monies in your pocket?

It doesn’t take long to get one or more classic car insurance quotes if you use the likes of a price comparison website to do this. You should only have to give the requested information once and then be provided with a number of quotes to compare. You should also be able to access details of the features and benefits of the cover available online. You can often apply and pay for your classic car insurance online.

Don’t assume that the company currently providing your insurance is still going to be the most competitive. This may not still be the case. Insurance companies do sometimes change their rates so it may pay you to shop around if you can get the same cover for a cheaper premium.

We hope that the above is of assistance.

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