When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Classic Car?

You may have reached the decision to part company with your classic car for one of many reasons. For instance, you may have spent a considerable period of time restoring what was a wreck of a vehicle when you bought it working tirelessly in an evening when you got back from the office and at the weekend. You may want to sell it as you intend buying another classic car.

Think carefully about when you should put your classic sports car on the market for sale as the time of year may be important

Selling an open topped classic sports car during the winter months is possibly not the best time of year to do so.

Whatever the reason, you will no doubt want to get as much money for it as possible whether you decide to sell it at auction or privately. So, when is the best time to sell a classic car?

Well, the sort of vintage car that you are looking to pass on to someone else may have a bearing on when you should sell it. For instance, if you own a convertible sports car with a soft-top then it may be better to place it on the market towards the end of spring just before the warm weather arrives. If you think about it, potential sports car owners are going to be more receptive to handing over their hard earned cash at that time of year as they are going to get more use out of the vehicle during the summer. It is not very appealing to many people to buy an open-topped classic car in November with a frost on the ground in the knowledge that they are not going to use it much until the following summer.

However, if it is a classic saloon car then the weather is not as likely to have as much bearing on when it is best to be put on the market. After all, you can drive such a vehicle whether it is a hot, sunny day or with snow on the ground.

Just prior to Christmas is perhaps not the best time to sell a classic car. At that time of year most people are probably focusing on spending money on the more “run of the mill” presents rather than several thousand pounds on a classic motor.

There is no point in potentially wasting money on advertising your classic car for sale if it is not the best time of year to do so.

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