The Importance Of A Good Claims Department

There are many owners of classic cars that base their decision on which company to insure their cherished vehicle with purely on the level of premium they are being asked to pay in exchange for the required level of cover. Quite simply, they are seeking the cheapest classic car insurance possible.

In the event of you having to claim on your classic car insurance policy it is important that the insurance company's claims department deal with the matter in a professional and speedy manner

It is important that the classic car insurance company’s claims department processes your claim quickly and professionally

Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, it is also worth considering how the insurer deals with its customers that have to make a claim on their policy. After all, if you are involved in a road traffic accident whilst driving your classic car and it is damaged it is likely to be a stressful time. Therefore, you will want to be looked after by the claims department as much as possible.

You will want a sympathetic, experienced, knowledgeable voice at the end of the phone when you speak with the claims department following the accident. You will require the claims department to liaise directly with the other party’s insurer. You will want the company to process your claim quickly so that you can have the car repaired with as little fuss and inconvenience to you as possible. After all, you will no doubt want to get the vehicle back on the road as speedily as possible. You may require a courtesy car.

Classic car insurance companies are likely to have a recommended repairer that specializes in restoring classic cars back to their former glory following a road traffic accident and that also provide a guarantee period in respect of the works they have carried out. Some insurers may vet the work of their authorized repairers periodically to ensure that it is being carried out to the required standard.

As you can see, the claims department of a classic car insurer is an important factor should you unfortunately need to make a claim on your insurance.

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