Taking Your Classic Car Abroad

If you are considering making a trip overseas in your classic car then you will need to make sure exactly what you are covered for from an insurance perspective. Also, what would happen if you were to break down whilst driving around France or another European country?

A number of classic car insurance policies provide as a minimum third party cover for taking your cherished vehicle overseas for up to say 90 days. If this were the case then you would only be covered if you were involved in a road traffic accident for damage to say another vehicle or person – you would not be covered for damage to your own vehicle or if it was stolen.  

However, if you took out fully comprehensive classic car insurance, you would be covered for the above things plus you would also be insured should your vehicle be stolen or for any damage to your own classic car should it be involved in a road traffic accident.

Can you imagine what would happen if you broke down whilst driving your classic car abroad especially if you are not good at dealing with the mechanical side of vehicles. Having European breakdown cover should give you peace of mind that if this were to happen you can get assistance to try to get the vehicle repaired at the roadside but if not to tow it to a local garage.

You should also check if you would be covered to bring your classic car back to the UK if it is not possible to repair it as the cost of this could be quite significant.

So, if you are looking for classic car insurance whether you intend to travel overseas or not, why not get in contact with us at your earliest convenience. We can help provide access to a number of specialist classic car insurance companies with a view to obtaining suitable cover for a competitive premium. We very much look forward to hearing from you and being of assistance.


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