Does Your Car Qualify For Classic Car Insurance?

There is much debate about what sort of car can be insured under a classic car insurance policy. The truth is that you can ask this question of a couple of different car insurance providers and you may get two different responses.

You may be pleasantly surprised at the definition of a classic car

Some Volkswagen Beetles’ could be considered classic cars

In very simple terms there are three classic vehicle classifications: –

Vintage Car – this usually refers to a vehicle manufactured between 1919 and 1930.

Historic Car – according to the DVLA, if your car was manufactured before 1973, it will be classed as a Historic Vehicle and, therefore, you will not need to pay any road tax.

Classic Car – this is where it gets complicated but, as a general rule, classic car organisations expect a classic car to be at least twenty years of age.

However, this is not always the case with classic car insurance companies. Some may provide such insurance for a car that is only fifteen years of age but some may insist on the car being at least twenty years of age.

It is not only the age of the vehicle that dictates whether it qualifies for classic car insurance. Other factors that are taken into account include annual mileage, the driver’s age, and the value of the car.

For instance, it is possible to arrange classic car insurance on the likes of a Volkswagen Beetle, a Ford Zephyr or Cortina or Granada to name but a few.

Having said all this, why would someone want to take out a classic car insurance policy rather than a standard car insurance policy?

Well, there are a number of reasons such as being able to arrange an Agreed Value on the vehicle that may be considerably more than its market value. Another reason could be that this type of insurance is often cheaper than ordinary car insurance because you may only be driving your classic car for a few hundred miles each year.

You really should consider shopping around for your classic car insurance to try to get a good deal as well as the level of cover you need. You can do this by using a price comparison website like the one you are on at the moment.

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