Breakdown Cover For Your Classic Car

Did you know that there are about 1,400,000 vehicles that are at least 20 years of age on roads in the UK? Of course, they will either have ordinary car insurance or classic car insurance but how many of them will have breakdown cover?

How would you recover your classic car if it broke down on the roadside?

Have you got breakdown cover for your classic car?

It is unlikely to be a very high percentage. In fact, not all the major breakdown recovery companies will cover vehicles of that age and those that do, charge a higher premium which is understandable as, in theory, an older car is likely to break down more frequently than a newer one.

What would you do if your classic car was to break down in the middle of nowhere and you had no breakdown cover? Can you imagine the inconvenience and cost of having to get a company out to you to retrieve the vehicle especially if it cannot be repaired by the roadside?

Breakdown cover can be arranged for many classic cars either through some classic car insurance providers or you may be able to arrange separate cover through a company that specializes in recovering classic vehicles. You may be pleasantly surprised just how good value it could be to arrange such cover and it will provide you with peace of mind. Your classic car is no doubt your pride and joy so wouldn’t you like anyone that comes out to you, should you break down, to treat it with “tender loving care” just as you do?

So, how do you go about arranging breakdown cover for your classic car? Well, you could speak to your existing insurer to see if they can include it as an optional extra. You could also go on the Internet and type something like: “ classic car breakdown cover” into your browser’s search box and this will present you with a number of sources to contact to look into the cost of such cover. Do check what cover is provided in case this differs between providers.

We hope the above is of some assistance.

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