Low Mileage Classic Minis Proving Popular

My late grandfather’s favourite car was the Mini with him being the proud owner of several although never more than one at any one time. The last one that he had was a Mini Clubman in which I actually learned to drive.

The Mini Clubman is still seen on the road today

The Mini Clubman is a much loved classic car

Regrettably, none of his were of a low mileage as he and my grandmother loved to go out at every opportunity for a run-out. If only he had known what a collector’s car the Mini was and is proving to be when it has a low mileage and what a premium price such vehicles are currently achieving.

For instance, GC Motors in Swanley in Kent has a Mini Cooper Sport 500 from 2000 with only 173 miles on the clock available for £24,995.

It begs the question why there are so many low mileage Minis coming on the market and why they are able to command such high prices. Perhaps it is because they were easy to store in the garage because they take up such a small amount of space.

A more realistic reason is quite simply that some people had the “gut feeling” that the Mini was going to be an excellent investment especially with a low mileage and being kept in pristine condition.

However, could some people be suspicious of a low mileage vehicle and perhaps favour one that has a lot more miles on the clock?

It remains to be seen what the future holds for the classic Mini as far as further increases in value are concerned. We have seen huge increases in the value of many classic cars in recent years and one cannot help but wonder if the figures we are seeing are going to level out at some point. Unfortunately, nobody has a crystal ball so when it comes to making an investment in a classic car there is absolutely no guarantee that you will see the price of the vehicle increase further. Therefore, is it not a sensible idea to also make such a purchase based upon your “passion” for the car?

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