Why Do Enthusiasts Restore Classic Cars?

There are a considerable number of classic car enthusiasts who will purchase such a vehicle that is already in immaculate condition both mechanically, the bodywork and interior. This means that he or she can merely make sure that there is fuel in the tank and then get in the car and take it for a drive on a lovely spring, summer, autumn or winter morning or afternoon.

However, there are also quite a lot of people who prefer to buy a classic car that is in need of restoration. Some of those purchasers will get a specialist classic car business to restore the vehicle ensuring that an incredible job is completed. There will also be quite a few people who, having bought such a vehicle, prefer to carry out the restoration work themselves.

So, why would someone prefer to do all the work himself or herself? Well, one of the reasons is cost. For instance, if they had bought a classic car that has already been fully restored they would expect to pay more for the vehicle than if they bought it in an unrestored state. One would have thought that as they are going to carry out all the restoration work themselves that the overall outlay i.e. the purchase price of the vehicle and the cost of buying the parts etc would come to less than if they bought a full restored vehicle as there would be no labour costs.

Another popular reason why a classic car enthusiast would want to buy such a car that is in need of restoration is that he or she actually enjoys undertaking such a project and will gladly devote many, many hours to carry out the restoration project.

If you are considering buying a classic car to restore it and it is to be kept off the road and has been declared SORN whilst the works are being completed then at very least you should consider Laid Up Classic Car Insurance.

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40 Year Old Classic Cars To Be Exempt From MOTs

Owners of classic cars will be interested to read that it has ben announced by the Government that from the 20th May of 2018 classic cars that are more than 40 years of age will no longer require an MOT. At the present time, it is cars built prior to 1960 that are not required to have an MOT.

This announcement will no doubt receive a mixed response from people. Presumably, it is felt that classic car owners take particular good care of their vehicles from both a bodywork and mechanical point of view and, therefore, a more relaxed approach can be provided in respect of such cars in excess of 40 years of age. Another reason may be that many of these vehicles do not travel as many miles a year as modern cars often being taken out just on a sunny weekend. However, there will no doubt be some people who have a different opinion perhaps feeling that such cars should still require having an MOT carried out once a year.

It is interesting to hear that around 197,000 vehicles do not require an MOT and this is forecast to rise to around 490,000 in May of next year. Therefore there will no doubt be many MOT testing businesses that will be unhappy at this decision as it will mean less work and revenue for them.

There is nothing to stop a classic car enthusiast still taking their cherished vehicle that was built over 40 years ago along for an MOT if it provides them with extra peace of mind. It may also help in achieving a sale should he or she decides to sell the vehicle.

Of course, whilst there is to be a relaxation in MOT testing requirements as detailed above, there is no change to classic car insurance requirements so do make sure that you have adequate cover in place. In that respect, if you do require a competitive quotation, why not get in touch with us to obtain a no-obligation quote.

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Classic Cars Find New Homes At The Salon Prive Sale 2017

Those of you who are classic car enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that there were some interesting vintage vehicles sold at the Salon Prive Sale this year. Below we mention some of them but you may wish to look at the Silverstone Auctions website for the full collection of cars that were offered for sale.

The Triumph TR6 is a delightful classic sports car

The Triumph TR6 was a nippy sports car

A Triumph TR6 built in 1972 was sold for £24,750. It has a 6 cylinder 2,498cc engine making it an extremely nippy two seater open top sports car. This particular vehicle has been beautifully restored and looks the part in red.

A stunning Porsche 356 b 1600 S Coupe that was manufactured way back in 1962 sold for £118,125. This vehicle was completely restored a couple of years ago with silver bodywork.

How about a 1968 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 with a 4,400 cc v12 engine with 320bhp that was capable of accelerating from 0 to 60mph in a mere 7 seconds as it powered to a top speed of 150mph. It has travelled less than 48,000 miles. This spectacular looking red classic sports car achieved a sale price of £196,875.

Someone was lucky enough to be able to purchase a fully restored Austin Healey 3000 MK11 that was built way back in 1962. The bodywork is finished in Healey Ice Blue and it has blue leather seating. Its 6 cylinder 2,912 cc engine was capable of reaching a top speed of 120mph making it a rather nippy classic vehicle.

A 1947 Jaguar Mk IV 1.5 SE achieved a sale price of £42,750. Both the bodywork and interior are in suede green. The vehicle has been restored to an extremely high standard.

A delightful looking MGA 1600 Mk1 “Deluxe” Roadster that was built way back in 1960 achieved a sale price of £47,813. Only 70 of these cars were produced. This particular model was painted in Iris Blue. It was restored to a very high standard.

It is to be hoped that suitable classic car insurance has been arranged to cover all the above vehicles in case something untoward happens as the cost of replacing or repairing such cars would no doubt be costly. If you are looking for a quote for this specialist type of cover then why not get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable staff today to discuss your requirements.

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Interesting Classic Car Sales At RM Sotheby’s Monterey Auction

The above auction took place a few days ago and it included the sale of some delightful classic motor vehicles some of which we highlight below but more information can be found on the website of RM Sotheby’s.

Sir Stirling Moss is a well known ex racing driver

Sir Stirling Moss is a famous racing driver

For instance, a 1964 Maserati 5000 GT Coupe by Michelotti achieved a sale price of $1,017,500. This car was owned by Briggs Cunningham who was a well known racing driver from the USA. Apparently, a mere 34 of these vehicles were built no doubt making it a rare piece of machinery.

A 1930 Bentley 6.5 litre Speed Six Sportsman’s Saloon by Corsica achieved a sale price of $3,410,000. The racing version was capable of producing 200 bhp and achieving a top speed of around 120 mph. The car looked beautiful and has appeared at Pebble Beach.

How about a 1955 Ferrari 121 LM Spider by Scaglietti that was sold for $5,720,000 at the above auction. Only four of them were built with this being the third one to come off the “production line”. It had a 4,412 cc engine producing 360 bhp. The vehicle took part in several well known racing events.

It was interesting to see a 1959 Aston Martin DB4GT Protype achieve a sale price of $6,765,000. This classic vehicle was a one-off and was actually driven by no less than Sir Stirling Moss in a race that he won. It is in fantastic working order and very nippy.

An elegant looking 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540 K Sport Cabriolet A by Sindelfingen was sold for $2,585,000. This classic car won the Best of Show at the Arizona Concours d’Elegance in 2015. It has gone through a restoration project and is a fine example.

It is to be hoped that the new owners of these wonderful vehicles have arranged suitable classic car insurance to provide them with complete peace of mind should something untoward happen.

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Why Buy A Classic Car?

As with many things that we purchase in life, people buy classic cars for a variety of reasons. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Restoring a classic car is one of many reasons why someone would buy a classic motor.

A classic vehicle in need of restoration

You may decide to buy a classic car as an investment in the hope that it will appreciate in value over a number of years so that you can then sell the vehicle for a significant profit. Historically, over certain periods of time, a number of classic cars have gone up in value by more than many other forms of investment. Of course, in recent years, interest rates on savings accounts have been extremely low so many classic cars have appreciated in value by a much higher percentage thus providing a better return. Do bear in mind that there is no guarantee that the past performance of an investment such as classic cars will continue on an upward trend in the future.

Someone else may decide to buy a vintage car that he or she can take around to classic car shows where it can be put on display and admired by other classic car enthusiasts. Such a person is likely to feel a great sense of pride that their delightful vehicle attracts such attention. You may also just want to enjoy driving such a vehicle on the country roads on a Sunday during the warmer months of the year.

Many classic car enthusiasts purchase such a vehicle that is in need of restoration and he or she is to carry out the works themselves with a view to restoring the vehicle to as close as possible its original state both in terms of the bodywork, interior and the moving parts. It is quite likely that many hours will be devoted to such a task.

There are some people that buy a sporty classic car with a view to racing the vehicle at certain tracks where they can pit themselves against other drivers and classic cars and get a huge thrill out of doing so.

Of course, if you are considering buying a classic motor then you will no doubt wish to make sure that it is suitably insured so why not get in touch with us so that we can help arrange suitable competitively priced cover.

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Where Should You Buy Your Classic Car Insurance?

If you are looking to buy your first classic car or already own such a vehicle and your insurance cover is shortly due for renewal then you may wish to get a number of quotes. So, where do purchase such cover?

The Internet is one place that you can arrange vintage car insurance

You can buy class car insurance through the Internet

Well, it probably does not come as a surprise to read that there are a number of places to purchase classic car insurance. So, let’s have a look at some of them.

A lot of people probably use the Internet to source and arrange suitable cover of the type mentioned above. There are a variety of websites that such cover can be arranged through. For instance, there are websites that specialize in providing classic and vintage motor insurance whether you are looking to buy the likes of an elderly car, motorbike or lorry. There are also more well-known price comparison websites that not only arrange classic car insurance but can also help sort out various other types of insurance such as home, pet and travel insurance.

You could contact some insurance companies direct for a quote. You could also visit your high street insurance broker and ask if they can obtain a quotation for such cover for your consideration. Your bank, building society or the Post office may also be able to arrange classic car insurance quotes.

The more sources that you approach to obtain quotes from then the more likely you are to obtain a competitively priced policy. Of course, it is also important that the cover meets your requirements and when studying quotes you should make sure that you are comparing like for like as far as the features and benefits are concerned.

It may also be possible to obtain classic car insurance quotes through a classic car owner’s club. Sometimes insurance companies offer club members a discount off the premium.

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Historics At Brooklands Auction Of Classic Vehicles

The above auction took place on the 8th July 2017. Below we highlight some of the classic cars that were sold on the day. Full details can be found on the historicks.co.uk website.

A classic 1969 MG Midget Mark 111 in red came up for sale and achieved a price of £3,920. It had extremely low mileage with only 17,748 miles showing on the odometer. The owner at the time of the auction had to sell the classic little sports car due to ill health which is most unfortunate. The bodywork is in need of some attention as are some of the windows on the soft top. It has a 1,275cc engine. It also comes with a hardtop.

Some Ford cars have become sought after classic vehicles.

Ford built some wonderful cars that turned into classics

There is something rather special about a classic E-Type Jaguar. One was sold at the above auction for £75,040. It was built in 1966 and is a Series 1 Fixedhead Coupe. The 4.2 litre engine was capable of powering this vehicle to around 150 mph. Restoration work was undertaken between 2007 and 2011 and it is in great condition. It has 67,900 miles on the clock.

A 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 750D model that had in excess of £15,000 of restoration work carried out on it over the last year was sold for £55,000. It still had the original owners handbook. It certainly sounds like the new owner has acquired an extremely desirable classic car.

A 1966 Ford Lotus Cortina Mk 1 with over 87,000 miles on the clock achieved a sale price of £44,240. This white car with green stripes has a 1,558cc engine and was fully restored back in the early 80’s. Further refurbishment work was carried out by the present owner who has had the vehicle for in the region of three years.

Let us hope that the above vehicles have suitable classic car insurance in place to provide protection in the event of say being involved in a road traffic accident or should the cars be stolen.

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The Goodwood Festival Of Speed Sale

A few days ago the Goodwood Festival Of Speed Sale took place at which there were a number of interesting classic cars that came up for auction with this being run by Bonhams. Below we list some of the vehicles that were sold although a full portfolio can be found on the auctioneer’s website.

There are many wonderful Rolls-Royce classic cars around

Rolls-Royce build exquisite cars

A 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS Lightweight classic sports car achieved a sale price of £830,300. Only 17 of these right hand drive vehicles were built for the UK market. Its bodywork was in Grand Prix white. This classic sports car featured in numerous races. This wonderful car has been restored to its original specification.

Those of you who are Aston Martin fans will be interested to read that a 1957 Aston Martin DB2/4 MK11 Coupe Design Project 193 (DBMK111 Prototype) was sold for £337,500. It has 108,500miles on the clock and had the same owner for 33 years. The classic car took part in the 1958 Monte Carlo Rally.

A 1914 Rolls-Royce 40/50HP Silver Ghost Open Tourer that used to be owned by a member of the Indian Royal family achieved a sale price of £550,300. The car was fully restored with over £100,000 being spent on the work. As can be seen from the photographs on Bonhams website, it really is a spectacular specimen of a classic vehicle.

For all you Mercedes-Benz classic sports car enthusiasts, you will be interested to read that a 1962 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster with 77,579 miles on the clock sold for £897,500 at the above auction. It has a 2,996 cc engine that produces 215bhp and was capable of getting from 0 to 60mph in a mere 7.4 seconds as it powered on its way to reach a top speed of 140mph.

The above is just a small selection of the classic cars that were available for sale at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed Sale. If you are looking to buy a classic vehicle then why not get in touch with us so that we can obtain a competitive quotation for classic car insurance.

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Classic Sports Cars For Sale

There are some interesting classic sports cars for sale in many countries around the world. For instance, if you take a look on the website of Albion Motor Cars that is based in Belgium you will find several such vehicles presently on the market.

Alfa Romeo has produced some wonderful looking sports cars that are now classics

Alfa Romeo has a reputation for producing stylish sports cars.

If you are a fan of Alfa Romeo’s styling then you may wish to take a look at the Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider 1600 that was built in 1964. This two-seater is in a lovely reddish colour with a five-speed gearbox and a 1600cc engine. It is for sale at 75,000 Euros.

For those of you who are Ferrari fans then there is a Ferrari Dino 246 GT dating back to 1971. A full restoration has taken place and it has 46,937 km on the clock. It is one of only 69 such cars that has a bodywork colour of Verde Germiglio that will certainly get you noticed. The price is on request.

There are a few classic Jaguars for sale including a wonderful looking Jaguar XK140 SE 0TS that was manufactured in 1955. It is in Lavender Grey and has a very low mileage of only 12,460 km. It has had a full restoration. It has a price tag of 145,000 Euros.

The Lamborghini brand is renowned throughout the world. The above business has for sale a Lamborghini 400 GT Interim constructed way back in 1967 with 59,295 miles on the clock. It has a 5 speed manual gearbox and a 4,000 cc engine. It has been beautifully restored and will no doubt catch the attention of many people as it passes by. You will need to ask how much the car is for sale at.

There are a number of Porsche cars for sale including a rare Porsche 356 Carrera GS/GT built in 1956. It has a 130 bhp engine and has featured in many motor racing events including Le Mans Classic in 2008 and 2010. The bodywork is in Erdbeerrot and the for sale price is upon request

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Barn Find Jaguar E-Type Sells At Auction

Classic car enthusiasts will no doubt know that the Jaguar E-Type is a sought after vehicle and it doesn’t really seem to matter what condition the car is in. That was certainly the case for a barn find that sold at auction on the 4th June 2017.

Classic cars like the Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2 Coupe are highly souhght after classic cars

The Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2 Coupe is a popular classic car

The Bonhams Greenwich Concours D’Elegance Auction had on sale a 1965 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2 Coupe. It has a 4 speed manual gearbox and a 4,235cc engine that has 265bhp. It is almost in complete condition although it is in need of much restoration. It is left hand drive and was the 291st one built. It was discovered in a barn having spent many, many years in it.

The bodywork that is in need of attention is in a dark blue colour and the interior is red. It is not roadworthy in its present condition requiring both mechanical and bodywork improvements.

The Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2 Coupe is certainly a car that attracts the eyes of many a driver and numerous pedestrians. This particular classic sports car has ended up being sold for £37,488 at the above auction. It certainly sounds like it will be an interesting project to hopefully have it restored to its original splendour.

At the same auction another barn find was a 1960 Triumph TR3A. This has a 1,991cc engine producing 100bhp and comes with a 4 speed manual gearbox. It is in need of restoration and will hopefully be restored to an excellent condition. This delightful sports car sold for £7,668.

Let us hope that the new owners make sure that they have in place classic car insurance of a satisfactory level. We will gladly help arrange for suitable competitive quotations for such cover for your consideration without any obligation on your part to proceed. We will continue to keep our readers informed periodically about other interesting classic cars that come up for auction.

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